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Creating and promoting a green environment has always been our main concern, so we are proud to be able to offer you a system for street lighting that uses a 100% renewable energy, in this case the sun. The advantage of using such a system lies in the low installation costs for areas with no public power grids. It can be used in lighting on walking and bicycle paths, private parking spaces, bus stations, industry areas, and so much more. Top-quality components, made in EU, and our unmatched development distinguish this system as utterly reliable with a prolonged service life. The system’s main features are a battery charger with MTTP functions, controlling the charging of batteries and automated dimming. The charger measures each cell in the battery bank, thus ensuring that each cell is charged equally. If the batteries are not fully charged during the day, the system will calculate and set the dimming level so that the system can maintain the same light output for the whole night. In addition, you can set 5 dimming steps via your Bluetooth smart device and a special application. The application can also be used for system monitoring, so you can check the SOC of the batteries, the charging current, load current, the temperature inside the battery bank, and also the brightness status.