WYS 1815

Material: 201 stainless steel + Tempered glass
Dimensions: L: 400cm / W: 160cm / H: 240cm
Solar panel: 420W
Battery type: Gel battery/lifePO4/lithium
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery capacity: 220AH
Controller type: MPPT
USB charging ports: 2
Power charging: SV/2.lA
Wireless charging: 0 units
LED Strip Light: Warm White/White/RGBW
2 Posters * 2 wind ows
Advertising Display: LED light box - 2 Pcs
Bluetooth speaker: 5/12V
4G International router

Optionally expandable and customizable

WYS 1815 - Advantages

Qi wireless chargers

USB ports for
mobile devices

charging electric bicycles and scooters

4G WiFi 

atmospheric lighting

weather and vandal resistant

Product details - powered exclusively by solar energy

    The bench is weather and vandal resistant and meets the IK10 standard.
    The bench is rarely vandalized, given that the functionality of the bench is appreciated by everyone.
    Furthermore, the components are easily replaced.
    The bench is completely self-sufficient.
    Power comes from the solar panel and is stored in the internal batteries, so the energy is available at all times.
    Steel, with zinc primer coating
    Standard colour: RAL 9010 Pure white. Other RAL colours are subject to a surcharge.
  •  Installation
    The Smart Solar bench can be placed on a hard surface without anchoring.
    For securing on a hard surface anchor bolts can be used.
    For securing on other surfaces the bench can be affixed with steel anchors.
    The small square heads can be incorporated easily into paving and are virtually unnoticeable.
    The bench can also be secured on a concrete slab or on 30 x 30cm tiles.
  • WYS 1815 is a collection of Smart Solar Bus Shelter. Charge your phone while resting or chatting with friends. LED lighting, charging station, and connection to Wi-Fi. Cable-free and portable design, Perfect for, bus stops, train stations. 
  • LED light box/LED screen and TV LED for advertising 
  • Facility anchoring to the ground and steel casing - resistance to vandalism 

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