Smart Solar Furniture

The Smart Solar bench is more than just a steel bench. It is a cleverly designed and innovative bench that allows people to charge their mobile devices. Anyone can sit quietly, enjoy fast 4G internet and charge a smartphone or tablet at the same time.

The Smart Solar bench works exclusively on solar energy, which is stored in the bench and available 24/7. Work, study or just relax; it can all be done on this modern bench that includes both wireless chargers and USB ports. There is also a version with a large battery capacity for charging electric bicycles, scooters and mobility scooters. The Smart Solar bench is available in virtually all RAL colors, so you can choose any color to match your city or corporate colors.

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Concrete blocs

Each bench has its own foundation and matching anchoring.

On paved ground, the bench is provided with mounting holes or plates and anchoring bolts for direct mounting on the ground using impact or chemical anchoring.

On unpaved ground, the bench is mounted on steel foundation anchors which are then placed on concrete platform on the compacted ground below ground level so that the underside of the support frame is level with ground level.

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