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EU Smart Solar Lights

Smart Solar lights are the new breakthrough in technology. Cost-efficient and used for both indoor and outdoor lighting purposes, they are a new and advanced technology which cannot be even compared to the conventional methods of lighting—bringing a lot of benefits to the table.

Smart Solar LED lighting is one of the most efficient ways to provide lighting to areas without the need for standard electricity and utility power. The solar lights are products of a system which provides no electric bills for the lifetime of the system. Installed in many businesses and industrial facilities, the solar LED lights provide security, sustainability and an eco-friendly image for the business.

Solar-powered lights are usually independent of the utility grid, which can make them affordable and completely wireless. Without any connection to an electricity provider, an all-in-one solar light can be the perfect way to save on electricity and be used by neighborhoods, communities, and cities.

Smart Solar Lights

Made in EU
European Made Solar streetlights - the highest quality possible

Protection features:
High and low temperature protection, battery/PV reverse connection protection, LED short circuit/
open circuit/limited power protection,Reverse polarity protection of storage battery, reverse polarity
protection of battery, over voltage protection of battery panel, overcharge and over discharge
protection of lithium battery, BMS overcharge detection protection of lithium battery, load open-circuit
and short-circuit protection, load over current protection, etc.

Adjustable settings:
System voltage, Load current, Load power, Boost charging voltage (Pb),
Charging voltage (Li), Floating charging voltage (Pb), Charging return voltage
(Li), Over-discharge voltage, Over-discharge return voltage, Switching
voltage, Light control voltage, Light control delay, High temperature operation,
Low temperature charging,

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