Upgrading urban places

With the same technology and core features as the Classic model, City smart bench also provides an information and advertising platform most suitable for urban areas. Integrated LCD and AI sensor bring a whole new experience in outdoor advertising for marketers

Generate revenue

Steora City solar bench can be equipped with a 19” LCD for Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising, providing a platform for revenue-generating opportunities. Displaying marketing campaigns on high frequent locations such as city center squares, train and bus stations, airports, and shopping centers usually yield the fastest return on investment.

Blossom the street

With an optional flowerpot, bring a touch of nature to a busy city street or other public space. City smart bench with plant decoration makes any urban area look more modern and greener.

Gain perspective

Built-in sensor based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology estimates foot traffic frequency and gender of people passing by, to give marketers an insightful tool to customize DOOH campaigns.

Illuminate the night

The bottom of the seat houses LED strips with ambient light that can provide a sense of safety in places with a low street light. Ambient lighting can be set up to automatically turn on and off depending on natural lighting conditions and time of day, or manually via our Solos platform.

Inform, educate, entertain

On top of marketing use cases, City with LCD serves as a digital info board for public service announcements, weather reports, emergency alerts, bus and train schedules, tourist fun facts, and other similar content available online.


Qi wireless chargers

USB ports for
mobile devices

charging e-steps,
e-bikes and

4G WiFi 

atmospheric lighting

Weatherproof IP65
Vandal proof IK10

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