Supercharge communities

E-mobility is shaking up urban transportation. Communities are quickly trying to catch up to support the micromobility movement to reduce traffic and C02 emissions. Cyclo smart bench helps bring the necessary infrastructure and tools to empower cities and citizens towards their sustainability goals

24/7 bike service

The Cyclo comes equipped with a complete set of bike repair tools that are available to cyclists whenever they need it. Air compressor for flat tires, as well as a set of screwdrivers, hexagons, and wrenches, are available in a vandal-proof steel box.

Power up & ride

Patent-pending solar modules embedded in the seat provide enough 'juice' to power e-bikes and e-scooters to get you up and running in no time. The three connectors inside are compatible with most global charging standards, including brands such as Lime, Bird, Xiaomi, Razor, and Segway.

A micromobility ecosystem

Use our Solos API to create a map of Cyclo charging stations across your city or a biking route. You can integrate it into your website and/or app to make it easy for users to find their next stop.

There in emergency

Built-in features such as AC socket, Wi-Fi internet access, and smart device charging, Cyclo solar bench makes your community more resilient in case of emergency and unexpected events. In addition, LED ambient light under the seat provides a sense of safety during the night.

Cyclo way of life

With increased urbanization challenges, the use of bikes and e-vehicles is becoming a way of life for many. Cyclo solar bench promotes a healthier lifestyle, cleaner air, and more connected communities.


Qi wireless chargers

USB ports for
mobile devices

charging e-steps,
e-bikes and

4G WiFi 

atmospheric lighting

Weatherproof IP65
Vandal proof IK10

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